making candy

Extreme Halloween Candy: Skull Truffles

HALLOWEEN has always been my favorite holiday. When it comes to dessert, my tastes have matured towards the more gourmet. But just because I am an adult doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the fun of Halloween candy. This year, I wanted to create a Halloween treat for adults. Something not to be gobbled, but savored. […]

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Preserving Magic: Candied Citrus (Lemon Slices, Orange Rinds & more)

We ~ culinary creatives ~ may take both chemistry and magic for granted. Working with primordial elements of Fire, Water, (produce from the) Earth, Air and inspired by etheric elements of Passion & Creativity… We COOK! Transforming a potpourri of ingredients into something attractive, delicious, and nourishing. 2-14-2010 This is the second of our entries […]

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