Quick Breads

Meyer Lemon Sugar ~ An EASY & QUICK Baking Condiment!

Lemon zest and organic sugar

Meyer Lemon Inspirations 2010 ~ Recipe #4 Ran across this simple baking ‘condiment’ in my old, out-of-print, “A World of Breads” cookbook by Dolores Casella. [David White Company, New York, 1966.] She lists a section of ‘Flavored Sugars’ in Chapter 10 ~ Yeast Raised Coffee Cakes and Sweet Rolls introducing them with these comments: “Flavored […]

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Cranberry Citrus Scones ~ A Homebaked Treat!

cranberry citrus scones are a flavorful treats

Meyer Lemon Inspirations 2010 ~ Recipe #3 This basic scone recipe is from one of my favorite cookbooks “A World of Breads” by Dolores Casella (out-of-print). [David White Company, New York, 1966.] I improvised the citrus-y variations from suggestions mentioned in other on-line scone recipes. (See sources at the end of the post.) Cream Scones […]

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Date Nut Bread ~ A Delicious, Low-Fat, Easy to Bake Treat

pistachios and dates work well in this simple date bread recipe

Did you do any special baking projects for the winter holidays? Our family usually bakes 5-6 different cookie recipes, dozens apiece to give as gifts. In the 1950-60s when I was a child, homemade & home-baked items were traditional holiday gifts for friends. November to January happen to be the busiest months for our graphics […]

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Tried & True ~ Southern Buttermilk Biscuits

EVERY COOK has certain favorite recipes that she/he returns to time and again over the years. The recipe may have been passed along from your parents or grandparents or friend, from a favorite cookbook, your personal from-scratch-recipe, or perhaps a uniquely-your-own adaptation of someone else’s recipe. In my mid-teens I joined a mail order cookbook […]

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Giving Homemade Chocolate Truffles

This is a little late. Since I would have liked to get this post up a week or two ago, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. We made chocolate truffles as our holiday gifts this year. We needed a sophisticated way to present them, and I wanted to share what we did. The first […]

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Trying Not To Lose My Temper (Tempering Chocolate)

Thumbnail image for Trying Not To Lose My Temper (Tempering Chocolate)

Clockwise from foreground left – Marzipan Snowballs, plain with tempered dark, Crystallized Ginger rolled in Gingersnaps, plain topped with cocoa nibs, peppermint rolled in mint hot chocolate powder, plain. Marc and I have gone through many truffle travails the last two weeks, and even though I feared we would be defeated, we (Marc mostly) pressed […]

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Marzipan Snowball Truffles

I LOVE marzipan. I inherited my intense love for marzipan from my maternal grandmother, we called Doe. On many special occasions, she bought a Princess Cake to celebrate. Princess cakes have white cake, and I think, a layer of raspberry jam, but in my little-kid mind, the cake and filling were really just a marzipan […]

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Lemony Meyer Lemon Curd

Mmmm fresh homemade lemon curd As a kid, my favorite dessert that my grandmother (we cousins all called her Doe) made was lemon bars. She was an atrocious cook, but a pretty good baker. So, whenever I eat lemon bars, or lemon curd, it reminds me of her. Unfortunately I never got her recipe, never […]

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